About Us

Cake Specialty and Pastry Shop has been family owned for four generations and started in 1919.
We are a wholesale and retail establishment producing high-end cakes, cookies, and pastries for restaurants, caterers, and country clubs, as well as for the general public in the NY Metro area.

He takes pride in designing cakes to each customer’s specifications by asking them what ideas the feel should be incorporated and drawing a sketch to the approval of the customer.
Nick is the fourth generation in the family business, along with his dad and two brothers, Joe and Mike, servicing customers in the tri-state area. His passion is creating unique tiered cakes for weddings and other functions. He has created cakes for Cher, Mercedes Benz USA, and the Today Show. He finds the more intricate the design the more he enjoys doing it and seeing smiling faces on happy customers.
He is a member of ICES, Baker's Dozen East, the New Jersey Confectionary Guild, and RFP-NYC. Nick has a degree in Fine Arts, with clay sculpture and pottery being his favorites, which shows in his cake decorating, using frosting instead of clay.
Rolling Fondant